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September 4, 2017, 2:16am Report to Moderator
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 To Rotterdam,
  It's been real!
 For the false charges of assault with the ex wife twenty years ago.
 I never got physical with her Ever!
When I got arrested then. I couldn't believe it!
We weren't married yet.
We got married after accused incident. (3 kids together)
In which the ex was the snapper.
I used to either be working on my apartments 110 hour weeks every week then or lock myself in garage or cellar. In the cellar I grew my head marijuana.
My ex wife was small. I used to laugh at her. Which drove her nuts..!
My ex wife cheated on me earlier with a good friend of mine. She told me. I wanted out! I had a very nice girl working for me then.
No one ever seemed to believe I never ever went after my ex wife!!  
 If only there were cell phones then. Our reliable movie witnesses.
 But, you fell for it Rotterdam!
 To this day, I would subject to a lie detector along with I would ask my back when wife to come with me. She and I are still friends. In which I  was even invited and at her apartment for last Thanksgiving! In which my ex is not afraid of me because I Never gave her reason to be..
  Back, then when I  left my ex at McDonald's in Glenville  because of her snapping. She called a Scotia cop friend of hers T. McFarland. He saw marks on her face.
Incident, Self inflicted, when I was leaving the house,  She was yelling that I was going to be with my helper. I sat her on the toilet, said Celeste calm down.. I let go, she stood up and knocked the shelves down on herself.
After I got arrested I asked her why she lied and said I hit her that day. Her reply, You shouldn't be dating your worker and since I  left my ex at McDonald's. She waited for 5 hours there for me to come back. I did not..  She told me them I hit her to get into a shelter...
 I realize the police meant good..
Then, when she came back home a week later. She tried to drop the charges because they weren't true.
The Police said oh no! We don't drop domestic charges .. So Police threw the book at me. They actually thought I EVER in the years with her Ever!
  So Felony assault, Felony growing Marijuana! The Weed I was definitely guilty ..
 So I plead guilty to both . To get my kids home..
They also  told my ex if she changed her story that she would go to jail for a year. We couldn't have that! She was still my kids mother..
 The Police and the Judges were fed up with real domestic ..
I had to go through unbelievable counseling! I got six months in jail, five years probation. I had to falsely take responsibility for probation to allow me free!
 After all this time. I could say I was sorry if I EVER attacked her. Never, my ex lied then. Her excuse, you shouldn't have been fooling around with that helper plus it helped ex  get in a shelter. As I said her and I till this day are not enemies .
I figured being in my own business I could take the hit..
The girl working for me then didn't believe me.. She left. Even my exes family didn't believe me..
 I Wright this not for any purpose. Just to state the facts of the biggest lie that was ever put against me.. Also maybe to serve as a lesson.
 As I look back now, my regret leaving her at McDonald's .. We got back together then, even married, then divorced. Peacefully ..
To Be accused of physically attacking someone when in no way which form . Then for some to believe I did.. again until this day I would pay for a lie detector.
 The effect it can have to others around you ..
 It changed my world then.. it changed my kids world..
 I have never been for violence, even then.. and am not trying to get the women that it does happen to.
 To this day, I say ask my exwife in front of me or not..
 I believe we should be accountable for our actions ..
 As far as my ex then. We had 3 young kids that needed their mother. She is a very good person that made a mistake with lies.
  Again , if true, I would take responsibility .. 
 So as I look back now how this effected my family and business..  Unbelievable!
 To any, actions are one thing. Mistruths are another ..
  ( I'll never forget RPD then put a All points bulletin out for her and I seen together) again, I could agree with police if the charges were true. They were not, my shame with her was never attacking her. It was could of been a better husband ..
  Getting older now, with this site, I can put my goodbye in writing.
So goodbye Rotterdam. Childhood with the mini bike was fun..
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September 4, 2017, 7:21pm Report to Moderator
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If it was me....i would have left ROTTendam a L-O-N-G time ago!

When the INSANE are running the ASYLUM
In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. -- Friedrich Nietzsche

“How fortunate for those in power that people never think.”
Adolph Hitler
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